Maddy Fast

Name (pronouns): Maddy Fast (she/her)
Position: President
Program/Area of Study: Sociology
Hobbies: Petting animals
Favourite Building on Campus: The Student Centre

Position Description: The President is the chief spokesperson of CESAR. They are responsible for the overall vision of the organization and making sure the Board, Executive and staff are resourced to make that vision happen.

Goals: Reduced tuition fees for students, better mental health supports, work with students and community to remove and replace the Egerton Ryerson statue, build student solidarity on campus.

Steph Rychlo

Steph Rychlo

Name (pronouns): Steph Rychlo (they/them)
Position: President
Program/Area of Study: Social Work, Community Organizing
Hobbies: Dancing, Cooking, Painting, Cuddling my Cat
Favourite Building on Campus: Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre

Position Description: The VP Equity & Campaigns is responsible for CESAR’s campaigns vision. They are the representative for CESAR at the Canadian Federation of Students and chairs the Campaigns & Equity Committee.

Goals: Provide opportunities for students to build stronger connections with the community on and surrounding X University campus, center harm-reduction in educational resources and policy on community safety, and push for the formal renaming of the University

Olivia McIntosh

Name (pronouns): Olivia McIntosh (she/her)
Position: Vice-President Events
Program/Area of Study: Continuing Education – Chang School
Hobbies: Reading, cooking and taking nature walks
Favourite Building on Campus: Have not been on campus yet!

Position Description: The VP Events & Outreach is responsible for planning and events and coordinating volunteer programs with CESAR. They are the chair of the Events Committee.

Goals: Create a safe space so that everyone can a great time while promoting CESAR’S presence in our various communities and social media platforms.

Britney Viechweg

Britney Viechweg

Name (pronouns): Britney Viechweg (she/her)
Position: Vice-President Internal
Program/Area of Study: Public Administration and Governance
Hobbies: Watching Korean Dramas
Favourite Building on Campus: I have never been on Campus! I started Ryerson as soon as the lockdown started.

Position Description: The VP Internal is responsible for CESAR governance and record keeping, as well as advocating in university committees such as the Senate and Chang School Council. They chair the Bylaws & Policy Committee.

Goals: Increasing awareness and advocating against Racism on POC on campus, Advocating for better tuition fees for local and International students, increasing student voice on Campus in different areas. (i.e Academic Integrity, Tuition, Accessibility, Mental Health)

Annie Yang

Name (pronouns): Annie Yang (she/her)
Position: Vice-President Services & Finance
Program/Area of Study: Mental Health & Addictions
Hobbies: Reading, Netflix, Latin dance enthusiast, Nature walks
Favourite Building on Campus: Student Learning Center

Position Description: The VP Services & Finance is responsible for the financial management of CESAR and the delivery of services. They also chair the Bursary Committee and Finance Committee.

Goals: Ensure equitable accessibility of services (appeal support, legal clinic, tax clinic, free workshops) for racialized and financially marginalized students. Outreach and support international students. Expanding current mental health services for all members.