Navigating Academic Success Series

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Are you excited to return to campus in September but not sure what to expect? Join CESAX and campus partners for our Navigating Academic Success Webinar Series.

Understanding online/hybrid learning with Zoom, D2L and Google Suite

Welcome to X University! Are you enrolled in an online or hybrid course and concerned with learning digitally? This session will provide an introduction to studying online at X University and how to access your coursework ahead of class. Through this session we will discuss how to access your course shells on D2L and the different Google Programs you have access to through your university email. Additionally, we will discuss online etiquette related to participating in Zoom classrooms, communicating with your instructors and how to meaningfully engage in a digital learning environment.

Navigating Academic Integrity and Student Rights

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Welcome to X University! Post-secondary education can be an intimidating experience with different types of course work, group projects, essays, labs, midterms and exams. Completing your work with integrity (and adhering to Policy 60) can be challenging in those different contexts, so it’s important to know your responsibilities and your rights. But learning the rules doesn’t have to be boring. Join CESAX and the Academic Integrity Office to participate in an interactive workshop that takes students into outer space where they’ll work together to save planets from Captain Plague and his League of Unearned! You’ll earn a certificate of completion and be able to start your new courses with confidence.

Accessing Online Learning Support & Accommodations Support

Welcome to X University! As a student you may encounter barriers to accessing education or face a few challenges with particular requirements in your curriculum. This workshop will cover the various resources available through Student Learning Support and explain some basics about Academic Accommodation Support (AAS), which is available for students with disabilities. Remember, academic accommodations are more than just physical barriers and this is a stigma-free space.

Prioritizing and Maintaining Mental Health & Wellbeing in Academic Consideration

Welcome to X University! Taking care of mental health while navigating uncertainties of life during COVID, school and other responsibilities is not easy. In this workshop, the Health Promotion coordinator shares strategies for self-care, and resources available for CESAX students such as peer support and Wellness workshops in the upcoming year. We are also joined by our Student Rights coordinator at CESAX for how to acquire academic consideration on grounds of mental health when things do get overwhelming.