The physical CESAX office is closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. All events, meetings and services have been moved online.

We will strive to continue to provide services to the best of our ability via e-mail and other non-physical methods of communication. However, we appreciate your patience as we navigate what this will mean for the different services we provide. Please check regularly for updates on CESAX service delivery methods during this closure. Our website uses cookies so please remember to refresh your page for the most up-to-date information.

Please note that the Ryerson (X University) Student Centre will also be closed until further notice. We encourage students to connect with different Student Centre offices on their own independent service delivery models, but this closure does mean that all events in the Student Centre will be cancelled until further notice. Further, there will be no access to the multifaith space, Oakham Cafe and the Ram in the Rye Pub.

Please contact us with any questions pertaining to how this closure might impact you directly.

We will continue to update you as the situation unfolds. All general questions can be sent to

Regarding Ryerson University services and spaces, please visit: 



Due to the economic situation, the CESAX Board of Directors has increased the funding available, number of allocations and reduced the amount of the bursary to ensure the maximum amount of members receive the bursary. All bursaries are now issued via e-transfer.

Should you have any questions regarding the Bursary please contact

Emergency Grant

CESAX will continue to offer emergency grants as they are requested. We remind applicants to carefully read the instructions on the grant application to make sure that you qualify for the grant. 

Please note, Emergency Grants may take longer than usual to process as the CESAX office is closed – and the  CESAX Financial Policy requires a set number of signatures to issue cheques. 

For questions regarding the Emergency Grant please visit:

Health and Dental Plan

CESAX continues to offer the Health & Dental Plan to part-time undergraduate degree students who have paid the CESAX Health & Dental Fee. 

For students who have opted out of the health and dental plan, cheques will be mailed to the address listed in their opt-out application for the 2019-20 year. Refunds are subject to regular delivery and CESAX is not responsible for delays by Canada Post. As all classes are transitioning to online, CESAX has unanimously decided to mail all these refund cheques as a one time solution to the COVID-19 outbreak prevention. From 2020-21 onwards, CESAX will be issuing refunds via e-transfer.

For any questions related to the health and dental plan, please contact

Tax Clinic

Due to the pandemic, CESAX made the decision not to host a virtual clinic for security reasons and out of concern for lack of trained volunteers. If you need assistance filing your 2020 tax return, please reach out to Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program to book with a free virtual clinic. Please be sure to secure your Social Insurance Number, and personal information when you attend a virtual tax clinic. As with any online activity, there is an increased risk for exposure of your personal information.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is still hosting virtual clinics that are open to the public. Virtual clinics are led by phone appointment or video call and you must be identified by video call and government issued photo ID for the fastest service. Multilingual assistance is available. 

If you are an international student at X University, please contact International Student Support (ISS) at for information on their clinic this year.

Please use the search function on CRA’s website to find a virtual clinic to suit your needs at

If you are comfortable filing on your own, you can access UFile through the Canadian Federation of Students for free. The steps to using UFile are listed below:

To file for free, members must:

  1. Visit:
  2. Sign in to a new or existing UFile account for the current tax year
  3. Enter tuition fees and months at school (must file T2202a)
  4. Locate the “Special Offer” form in UFile’s left-hand navigation
  5. Enter the special offer code: CFS1981

(note: entering the code CFS1981 at check-out will not discount the tax file, the student must enter the code in the Special Offer section.)

For any questions related to the CRA virtual tax clinic program eligibility please contact

Legal Clinic

The CESAX lawyer is still available for appointments via email and phone. Please contact to schedule appointments. If you require any documents to be notarized in-person, the CESAX lawyer will coordinate those logistics directly.

Student Advocacy

The CESAX Student Rights Coordinator is still available for appointments. Please contact to set up a time. Appointments will happen via Google Meetings or phone. Any meetings with the university (academic integrity investigation meetings, appeal hearings, or other) are still happening via online video conferencing or phone.

Printing & Front Desk Services

As the CESAX Office is closed for the foreseeable future, the printing and front desk services are currently closed. Any questions that are typically answered at the front desk can be sent to For phone call inquiries, please send an email to so that a phone call can be scheduled.

Student Centre

The Ryerson Student Centre (55 Gould Street) is closed for the foreseeable future. This also includes the Ram in the Rye Pub, Oakham Cafe and Conference Services. The tenants of the Student Centre are also physically closed to the public but can be reached via email. For more information on each of the tenants, please visit their respective websites:

CJRU Radio

The EyeOpener

Ryerson Ombudsperson

Ryerson Student Centre

Ryerson Students’ Union

Multifaith Space

The Ryerson Student Centre (SCC) is closed for the foreseeable future. This also means that there will be no access to the Multifaith space on the third floor of the Ryerson Student Centre.


General Events

CESAX has moved all of our events to digital spaces. To find event opportunities please visit our website Events Calendar, CESAX D2L course Shell or follow @XUCESAX on social media platforms. To volunteer or get involved in planning events, please contact

Campaigns & Outreach


CESAX has postponed all outreach activities for the foreseeable future.

Track it Forward

CESAX is currently reworking our volunteer opportunities. For any questions regarding the volunteer program, please contact